Storm Door

Old Storm Door

Old Storm Door

With an old house you probably have an old storm door or no storm door at all.  Doors are one of the hardest things to seal so a good storm door is important to help keep your energy use down.   The major brands are Anderson under the brand EMCO Storm Doors, Larson Storm Doors, and Pella Storm Doors.  They are all about the same the best I can tell.  They do have some different options such as fancy glass patterns or built in dog doors so if you want a storm door that looks fancier or maybe with a dog door build in it is worth looking at the different brands. There are two general types full and partial views. Also you can have a single glass pane or two sliding with screens.  Storm doors run from about $99 to around $400 depending on features and quality.

Picking Out a Storm Door

There is a few things you will need to keep in minded with picking out a storm door.

  1. Measure Door FrameSize. Measure the opening on the outside of the door top to bottom and side to side.  For the size to size you should measure near the top, in the middle and near the bottom.   While most of the storm door come in most sizes if you have an odd size door it may limit your options. A storm door of a given size will fit a narrow size range so it does not need to be precisely the same size but you will need to make sure you are in the range.
  2. Left versus Right opening.  This is another very important selection item.  For a given model it comes in a size and left or right opening.  If you get either wrong it is not going to work well for you.  Some models of storm doors are Universal/reversible in which case you do not need to be concerned about which one to purchase but you want to make sure you install it the way you want to open the door.
  3. Most of the other features are up to individual taste such as color, Full view/High View/Mid View, plan glass, patterned glass, glass and screen, dog door, etc.  One thing to watch for is some doors come with handles and some you buy the handles separately.  Make use check the package.

Storm Door Features

View type:

Full View High View Medium View
Andersen 32 in. x 80 in. 3000 Series White Self-Storing Easy Install Storm Door EMCO 32 in. x 80 in. Forever White Store-in-Door Traditional Storm Door EMCO 36 in. x 80 in. 200 Series White Self-Storing Storm Door

Single or divided:

Single Divided


How to install a Storm Door

Here is a video of me installing an Anderson EMCO 3000 storm door:

Where to purchase

So where can you get the Storm Door and the what you need to install it?     Go to the What You Need page for a full list of where and what to buy.

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