Shop-Vac 14Gal 6.5HP SVX2 Review – Clean Things Up

Product Review: Shop-Vac 5951400 6.5 Peak hp Wet/Dry Vacuum, 14Gal
Best Place to by: Amazon
Specifications: 14Gal, 6.5 HP,
Pros:   A lot of volume and yet not very heavy, good price and value.
Cons: Assembling the back wheel could have been easier.
My Rating: 10 out of 10

Shop-Vac 5951400 6.5 Peak HP Wet/Dry Vacuum, 14 Gal.  Product Overview

Shop-Vac make workshop vacuums in a range of size from around 2.5 gallons up to 24 gallons.  The Shop-Vac 5951400 is a mid range workshop vacuum with good horse power and a great selection of attachments.  At 14 gallon it provides a lot of room to fill up but still not be too heavy.   It comes with the follow features and attachments:

  • 8 foot hose with two extension wans.
  • 3  nozzle accessories: a 14-in Floor nozzle, a 8-in utility nozzle and a crevice tool as well as a elbow.
  • There is a useful storage area at the back to hold the attachments.
  • There is a hose holder on the top back so you can wrap the hose around the to and it will stay in place.
  • It has a metal handle bar.

It is easy to roll around and can be lifted with the handle bar without much trouble, unless you really load it up with stuff.

Shop Vacs Shop vac parts

Why I Bought it

I am doing some construction projects in my house and I found that my little 2.5Gal shop vacuum was just not big enough however I did not want something so large I could not move it around easily.  I figured 14 gallons was about as big as I want to mess with and Shop-Vac had a good combination of price and value.  WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vac seems to have slightly better ratings but they also cost 50% more so I went with Shop-Vac.

Shop Vac Reivew, Unboxing and Assemble Video

First Project

The first project was cleaning up the old insulation in the attic.  The insulation was a mix of newspapers from the mid 1940s and blown in fiberglass from the 1970s.  The fiberglass was at most 4 inches so I scooped it out by hand and put it in plastic trash bags.  I tried to save the newspaper were possible then vacuumed up the remains of fiberglass, newspapers and dirt with the Shop-Vac.

First I had to carry it up the attic ladder which was not too difficult.  I just grabbed the metal hand bar on the back and hauled it up.  Once up there it was easy to move around when need.  On this project I did not try any of the attachments I just used the hose.  The hose is about 2 in. across but it had enough suction to pick just about anything including pieces plaster and a few old nails.

Let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. OOOH! You pushed my tool-acquisition button with this one Leroy!

    That shop vac you featured looks like the perfect vac for all the tough jobs. It’s a plus that it’s sturdy but not burdensome and too heavy to maneuver around.

    I like your suck-em-up insulation ploy. Frankly, I would not have thought of such a use. However, it does make a lot of sense.

  2. Hey there! I have been looking for a new vacuum to buy for my mom. Last week her vacuum doesn’t work and she uses it 4 times a week. Does this vacuum last for a long time? I don’t want to spend my money for a vacuum that just last for several months. I greatly appreciate your response.

    • Yes, it is fairly sold. But just to clarify it is a shop vac not a house vac. Also it is large in comparison to a house vac or a small shop vac. For it’s size it is not too heavy but it is defiantly heavier than a smaller vac.

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