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After quite a lot of research I have decided I am going with Roxul Comfortbatt residential stone wool insulation for my go to insulation.  While I don’t think you can say one single type of insulation is the best for all application I feel Roxul is good for the core of an insulation system.  Any place you would use fiber glass I feel Roxul stone wool is a better choose. You can get Roxul in batts of  3.5 inch (2×4) R15, 5.5 inch (2×6) R23 and 7.5 inch (2×8) R30 with all size in both 16 and 24 inches.  So why Roxul vs fiber glass.

  1. It matches or exceed fiber glass R value for the same thickness.
  2. It performs better in a fire than fiberglass insulation.
  3. It is denser so is has less airflow than fiberglass.
  4. It is water resistant
  5. has low moisture sorption.
  6. Better sound absorption.
  7. Easy to cut to get around wires, electrical boxes, pipes, etc. and shape for optimal fit.

Another point I would like to make is that whether you go with Roxul or fiberglass use batts not loose fill/blown in.  Loose file loose R-Value as the temperature drops where as batt tend to actually gain R-value.  This is do to higher air flow in loose fill and blown fiber glass special convective looping than in batts.

I will be writing a more detailed review later but I just want people to know about the Roxul option.

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  1. Hi There
    Great review, with some interesting insights on why to use this product.
    I have dabbled with home reno in the past and might again in the future.
    So thanks for the good advice.

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