Preparing to redo insulation in attic

I was up in the attic today trying to clear a quarter of it so I could return the insulation.  Even getting past all the junk we are storing there the insulation configuration is odd and of questionable effectiveness.  Being the house was built in 1873 it did not originally have insulations.  Back in 1945 or so someone decided to insulate the attic and put newspapers on the attic floor between the joist and on the walls on the ends.  In the early 1970s my dad had blown in insulation added, somewhat inconsistently I might add.  As a result part of the attic just have news paper and some have up to 4 inches which is still pretty thin.  Then some squirrels  got in around the early 1990s and put tunnels through the insulation.  We fixed the area where they were getting in  but never tried respreads the insulation.  So now I am trying to get enough stuff out of the attic so I can work on at least a quarter of it at a time.  I will be doing a full article on it when I get further allow.


  1. When you fixed the hole so no more squirrels got in did you make sure they were all Out? Just wondering if you closed the hole and you have squirrels living in your Attic?

    • I believe my Mother had a humane pest management company to come and deal with the squirrels as well as some raccoons that where nesting in a chimney we had not been using for a while. I think they picked a time of the day that the squirrels were out, checked to verify none were inside then boarded it up. With the raccoons they put cage traps around but never caught any but the raccoons left. They said a lot of the times the raccoons see the traps and leave. They then put caps on the chimney. My Mom didn’t like killing animals and for a while would catch rats in cage traps and release them at a near by park.

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