Philips 100W LED Light Bulb Review – Cost effect Lighting

Philips 100W LED light bulb

Philips 100W LED light bulb

Product: Philips 100W Equivalent Daylight A19 LED Light Bulb
Price: $7.97 single bulb$28.97 4 pack. (prices may vary)
Best Place to Buy: Home Depot online or in store
Specification: 1500 Lumens,  10000 hours, 5000K light, 14.5W
Warranty:  3 years
My Rating: 9 out of 10

The Philips 100W Equivalent Daylight LED Light Bulb Product Overview

If you are older like me you grew up with good old incandescent light bulbs, none of this new fangled CFL, high efficiency incandescent, LED, etc. stuff.  Not to mention they are more expensive and CFL which are fully of mercury vapor are like little super fund sites in the making.  Well, I am here to tell you that LED light bulbs are really not that bad and when you run the numbers you will see that they pay for themselves in between 6 month and 2 or 3 years depending on use and they keep getting cheaper.  The Philips LED light bulb comes in 40W, 60W and 100W with either Soft White or Day light. This review is specifically about the Philips 100W Equivalent Daylight A19 LED Light Bulb.  I also have some 60W ones and they work great as well.  The A19 is the good old screw in interface, they just have to have a code for everything now day don’t they.  So you just unscrew the old incandescent and screw in the new LED and you are good to go.  I started with replacing the light bulbs I used the most.  The light in the room with my computer seem to burn out frequently since I spend a lot of time there so I put one there.  I has been about a year and it is still going strong.

The Extra Cost is worth it

So you are looking at the LED Light bulbs saying the cost is $7 to $10 dollars how is that saving me money.  I have an article (Lower your electric bill with led light bulbs) that has a more detailed analysis but basically with a standard incandescent if you ran it about 3 hours a day would burn out in about a year and would have cost you around $16 dollars in electricity plus about $1 for the bulb.  An LED on the other hand would run for about 9 years. and cost you about $2.40 a year in electricity plus the up front cost or $8 or so.  So that is $17 per year for the incandescent and $10.40 for the LED but, wait there is more.  If you have the LED for a 9 year life that is $2.4 x 9 +$8 = $29.60/9 years = about $3.29 a year.   So you are saving about $13.71 per year though you did have a high up front cost.

What does it look like

Here is a picture comparing the Philips Daylight against CFL and standard incandescent


Test of LED Light bulb CFL Light Bulb and Incandescent Light Bulb

Side by side comparison of of LED Light bulb CFL Light bulb and Incandescent Light Bulb

Here is a video Review: Philips LED Light Bulb 100w

LED Light Bulbs – Where to purchase

So where can you get them and which brand are best?   I like Philips because it has a good price, good name and is sold by several different stores.  Go to the What You Need page for a full list of where and what to buy.

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