Original Takoma Park Subdivision Plat

After searching Maryland Plat records of Montgomery County for an hour I found the Takoma Park Plats from the early to mid 1880s. My house actually pre dates Takoma Park by about 10 years along with 10 other houses built the same year in what would become Takoma Park. I am still trying to find the plat or information from the previous owner.  The first part of Takoma Park was purchased in 1883 which was Roberts Choice, G. C Grammer Estate.  Roberts Choice was is in the plats land record in 6/11/1864  “Land Records EBP 1, p. 238” but the actual plat is not online.  The plat with my house on it was from Gilberts second purchase in 1886. There was at least 3 houses on this purchase including my and 2 others built in 1873.

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