Neighbor Building an Addition

House Foundation

My neighbor two doors to the right is building an addition on the back of the house.  They had previously added a very nice front porch.  There house was built in 1960 so it is quite a bit newer than mine.  It looks like they will about double the size of the house.

This is a somewhat common thing in this area because the cost of houses is high. It is sometimes referred to as a McMansion.  In my neighbors case they have lived there for about 8 years but in a few other case light the three houses behind and to the left mine developers bought two of them and expanded them and there was an extra lot as part of one of them so they built a new house on that.

My long term plan is to add on the back but I don’t think I will double the house. Maybe about 1.5 times the size.  I my case I will have to work with the historical society to get approval before taking it to the county because my house is historical, being it was built in 1873.

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