Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Infrared Thermometer Review – Find Energy Leaks to save money.

Eteckcity Lasergrip 774Product: Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer
Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Specifications: Measure -58F to 716F, Accuracy +- 2%, Resolution 0.1 C/F, Distance Spot ratio 12:1, response time <500ms, Emissivity Fixed. 0.95
Pros: Inexpensive,  Easy to use
Cons:  It is a little hard to see the display in bright sun light.
My  Rating: 10 out of 10.

Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Infrared Thermometer is a great tool for tracking down energy lose or gain as well as a quick temperature check any time you need one. It will measure from -58F to 716F with a Resolution of 0.1 C/F and an Accuracy of +- 2%.   It has a laser pointer to help your target what you want to measure.  You can turn the laser off and on with a button just below the display.  You can turn the backlight on and off as well.  There is also a button to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. To take a measurement point the sensor toward what you want to measure and press the yellow trigger button for a second or so.  You can hold it down for continuous reading and of course move it between targets.   Keep in mind that the spot ratio is 12 to 1.  This means that if you are measuring something 12 feet away the area you are measuring is 1 foot in diameter. It uses a 9v battery which is included.  Etekcity also has the Lasergrip 1080 model which will measure up to 1022F though for most uses around that house the 774 in adequate.

What You can use it for

My motivation for purchasing an infrared thermometer was to see where the heat was in the summer and cold was in the winter.  Ideally I would have like to get a infrared camera but they start at minimum $200+ so I settled for a basic infrared thermometer for now.    Though it is a simple device it is quit useful.  My first project is to renovate the insulation in the attack.  I first wanted measure  the roof temperature on a hot sunny day and then measure the attic temperature.  I got 160F on the roof. The attic was interesting because I use to have a old slat roof so you have 1 foot wide boards with about a 1 inch gap between them.  We had the slat replace with asphalt shingles and when they did that they put plywood over the boards.  So I measure about 139F between the board and about  128F on the boards.  I then checked the bottom part of the rafters and got 117F.  Most objects in the attic where about 117F or so.   This was much easer and more informative than what I had tried before which was to put a regular thermometer up in the attic for an hour or so and then go check the temperature.    Now I can take a general reading in seconds while standing at the bottom of the attic ladder.

I also used it to measure the effect of the Gila Window Heat Control Film I installed on several windows.  Once you start using it you want to check the temperature of everything like the lasagna in the oven :).

Video Review

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