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Leroy wearing filter maskHello I am Leroy Cain.

We moved into this house when I was about 6 years old when we moved from Florida. It is one of the two oldest houses on the block and was built in 1873. My Father figured he could fix it up and spent several years doing remodeling but unfortunately died of cancer before he got very far. Nearly 40 years later I inherited it from my Mother when she died. After assessing it I realized it need extensive renovation. This Web site is about my experiences in renovation.

Luckily I have had some experience with renovating several properties that I am currently renting and I am a member of Mid Atlantic Real Estate Investors Association (MAREIA) and Traction Real Estate Investors Association (TractionREIA) which are in the Baltimore and Washington DC area receptively.

I have also done some work on this property now and then over the years. However fixing up a few rentals is fairly simple compared to doing a high end restoration. This is going to be a real adventure. Join me on my journey to restore my old house.

More about me

I was born in Franklin North Carolina then we moved to Orlando Florida where we lived till I was about 5.  When the moved to the Washington D.C. area and about a year later my parents bought this house on Columbia Avenue in Takoma Park Maryland.

I grow up in Takoma Park which until the 1980s was the world head quarters of the Seventh Day Adventist church which I am a member.  I went to John Nevins Andrew (JNA) elementary school, then to Takoma Academy (TA) and finally to Columbia Union College (CUC) which has since been rename Washington Adventist University (WAU).

Along with several friends from college we started computer consulting company where I work until the late 80s then between consult jobs I tried start a software company.  We developed a product but were unsuccessful and I went in with some other people on a internet started company that ultimately did not work out.  I then bounced through a couple of consulting jobs until ending up in my current job where I have been since the late 1990s.

I like anything high tech and SciFi and work as a computer consultant.  My Mom was really into SciFi and I inherited at love science and science fiction from her.  I use to do a lot of spelunking (going in caves) when I was younger but now my knees are giving me a little trouble recently so I haven’t done much spelunking lately.